Our first job is to make the move less stressful. We'll design a transition plan to keep things organized and moving at a comfortable pace. We'll help you to decide what you keep. And we'll make sure that things you want to hand-down, sell, donate or toss get where they need to go.

Relocation services are a la carte. Typically, costs are quoted by the project requirements. Hourly rates are also available.
1) Prepare a personalized "move" plan
2) Develop a floor plan of new space
3) Organize, sort and downsize
4) Provide professional packing, oversee movers, unpacking and setting up new home
5) Related Services: cleaning, trash removal, preparing home to be sold, shopping

Declutter and Organize

We base what we do for you on our proven system that's efficient and easy to understand.  We concentrate on one area and one room at a time. We localize items where they’re actually put to use. Kitchen items often wind up in a bedroom or work area, for example, or bank statements and mail are piled on the kitchen counter.  We eliminate items you no longer use. We can arrange to re-purpose, sell, donate or discard them. (Yes, you can often make some money as a result of this process.)  We assign clear categories. We can have your confidential documents shredded. We show you ways to keep everything organized. You can also schedule us to return on a weekly, monthly or annual basis to maintain things for you.

Thrive in Place

If the best choice for you is to stay in your home, we can develop a caring transitions plan that adapts your present home to meet your evolving needs and demands while maintaining maximum quality of life. We will creatively plan an environment with products and design elements that make your home functional, safer, more organized and easier to maintain. We will also recommend and, if needed, coordinate services to assist you with your daily care.


First Consultation is Free

Ever situation is unique.  Every client is unique.  We take the time to meet with clients in their home so we can learn how best to serve them.